Monday, April 14, 2014

Planning for Your New Apparel Dress – Tips for Designing Students

Designing clothes requires creativity and dedication. You have to be able to visualize the outfits you want to design, to draw them, and then to choose the fabric you want and sew the clothes you have been dreaming of. It is such a challenging endeavor to design apparel where designing students need to keep some factors in mind-
1.The teacher is there because you are there: It is an age-old tradition in India that the knowledge is best learned or acquired with the help of a teacher. Therefore, it is good to register for a course in fashion designing and formally learn it from a teacher who has enough expertise in the field.

2. Listen to what your fellow students are saying in class: Peer learning lasts forever. Like-minded people discuss things and learn in a group and that is what stays an entire lifetime.
3.Invest in a camera: Just visualizing outfits would not be a feasible option in fashion designing, but an investment on a nice SLR camera would have its own benefits in taking the shots of clothes and models.
4. Keep a design journal: Journals are the good accompaniments for any kind of learning and it is so true with designing as well. Designing students had better keep a design journal handy from which they would get to learn umpteen options of designing fabrics.
5. The computer is a tool: The opportunities at our fingertips are plenty these days with the rapid developments happening in the technology sector. Computers can be used to draw models, to surf the internet and also to build connections with designers across the world.
6. Don’t work for the grade: Any work done with a passion and utmost dedication yields the best results. Fashion designing is one such area where people with a flair for designing will reach greater heights if they work aiming at perfection and not merely for earning grades and points.
7.Plan your time: Time management is a crucial thing in our daily life. Effectively managing time is an art which needs to be mastered. One has to spend a quality time on thinking and drawing designs and only after continued efforts at drawing and designing one would reach perfection.
8. Use inspiration: You never know and can foresee the sources of inspiration. It could range from the renowned designers to filmmakers and writers. Look for fabrics, objects or people who inspire you to create a new piece of clothing. Search online or in magazines for current or retro trends that you might want to incorporate into your designs.
9.Be creative but solve the problem: Creative minds work wonders in every walk of life, so are the designers. Rack your brain and get yourselves involved in thinking and drawing models but you will have to be able to figure out the different sections of people out in the society in order to cater to their needs remarkably well.
10. Get everything on the course supply list: It is essential to get all the required materials for one’s use while planning a career in designing. One cannot be dressed in borrowed robes in fashion designing!

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